New Study Finds Vaping Could Save Millions of Lives

New Study Finds Vaping Could Save Millions of Lives

October 06, 2017

An astonishing new study proves as many as 6.6 million lives could be saved over a ten-year period, simply by switching to vaping. You're probably thinking to yourself "That's a lot of lives!", and you're right. This study could be the motivating piece of information that current traditional smokers need to finally kick their terrible habit. E-cigarettes offer a much healthier alternative and may potentially end smoking for many people around the world.

Who Did The Study?

The National Institute of Health funded the study and conducted by researchers from Georgetown and Yale. The study officially released on October 2, 2017.


Researchers conducted a status-quo scenario in which tobacco users replaced their cigarettes for e-cigarettes over a span of 10 years. The optimistic outcome showed 6.6 million lives would be saved, and of these 6.6 million, collectively they would gain 86.7 million life-years total.

They also looked at the worst case scenario outcome, (if vaping proved more harmful, which is highly doubtful) and switching to e-cigs still saved over 1.6 million lives, with 20.8 fewer life-years lost.

In addition to all of the lives and years saved, other fantastic health benefits include reduced lung cancer, reduced diseases, reduced pain/suffering, and reduced exposure to second-hand smoke.

Having well-respected American researchers saying switching to vaping CAN and WILL save millions of lives will surely have people talking. They're hoping this could be the "end game" for traditional smoking as we know it. 

Scientists are also discovering that it's not necessarily the nicotine that is harmful and shortening people's lives, it's all the other chemicals in cigarettes. By switching to an e-cigarette with nicotine, they're still getting the high without inhaling all of the other nasty chemicals.

Cost of Vaping vs. Cigarettes

The average cost of a pack of cigarettes ranges from $6-10 per pack. The typical bottle of e-liquid juice varies but is around $20-25 for 30 ml.

Therefore, a 10 ml bottle would equal 5 packs, a 15 ml bottle is worth 7.5 packs, a 30 ml bottle should last 15 packs, and a 50 ml bottle for 25 packs. The cost upfront for e-juice is more than a pack of cigarettes, BUT it lasts way longer!

Depending on your puff length, amount of time smoking per day, and other factors, even heavy users will save over $1,500 a year by switching to vaping! Holy smokes.

Success Stories: Switching to Vaping

It's quite clear at this point that vaping is on the rise as the healthier choice to traditional tobacco. Let's see what these real life people had to say about their experiences with transitioning to vaping.

Katie: She had been smoking daily around 10-12 cigarettes a day. After just 8 weeks of vaping her "smoker's cough" is gone, and she doesn't get tired when she walks up stairs or doing simple everyday activities. Her nails no longer have a yellow tint and her hair doesn't smell of smoke. Another positive is that her teeth have naturally gotten whiter as a result of not exposing them to the toxic chemicals and yellowing agents found in cigarettes.

Gideon: He had been smoking 10-15 cigarettes a day. At the end of just 7 weeks, he was increasing his running distances and had way more energy during the day. He also reported having an improved sense of taste and smell. Since smoking was a social aspect of his day, he doesn't feel deprived since he can still smoke from his e-cigarette. He also loves the financial aspects of saving so much money per week.

Both of these participants along with many others continued vaping even after the study ended. Significant emotional, financial, physical, and social changes are all amazing aspects that improved. Vaping provides the closest alternative to smoking, like no other product can provide

Get Your Vape On

With researchers continuing to learn more, this study is HUGE for the vaping industry. Such a multitude of health benefits are just waiting to be unleashed on smokers around the world. See for yourself how switching to e-cigarettes will add years to your life span. 

Visit VCT today for more information and to get started on a healthier YOU!


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