Top 10 Vaping Gifts to Buy on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Top 10 Vaping Gifts to Buy on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

November 22, 2017

It’s that time again! Black Friday and Cyber Monday are nearly upon us, and people around the country are already preparing to line up in front of their favorite stores or stalk their favorite online retailers’ websites. If you vape -- or you have a loved one who vapes -- you’re probably hoping to score some good deals on vaping gifts. We’ve got you covered. These are the top 10 vaping gifts that you should buy on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Happy shopping!


E-liquid is the one thing that no vaper has enough of. The typical e-cigarette user has an insatiable appetite for new flavors, and no one person has enough time or money to try them all. Bar none, e-liquid is the best thing that you can buy any person who vapes. Every e-cigarette user needs e-liquid, and every e-cigarette user is happy to try a new flavor.


New Tank or Atomizer

Aside from trying a new e-liquid, changing your tank -- or trying a rebuildable atomizer for the first time -- is the quickest way to spice up the vaping experience. Modern development of sub-ohm tanks is proceeding so quickly that many tanks have six or more different types of coils available. If you buy a new vaping tank for a loved one this Black Friday, add at least one of every available coil to make the gift truly special.


Coil Building Supplies

If you buy a rebuildable atomizer for your loved one this Black Friday or Cyber Monday -- or the recipient already builds his or her own coils -- a selection of coil building supplies is a perfect gift. There are so many different types of wicks and wires to try that the possibilities for coil building are virtually endless. Many companies even sell assortments of pre-made coils that are ready to use with almost no work.


New Vaping Device

Is your loved one still using an older vaping device such as a small vape pen -- maybe even a cigalike? A modern vaping device such as a regulated box mod is necessary for having the best possible experience with modern e-cigarette tanks and e-liquids. If you don’t vape yourself, you should look for a device that supports temperature control operation and has the best possible battery life. Box mods using two or more 18650 batteries are very popular.


Vaping Storage

Anyone who thinks of vaping as a hobby ends up acquiring an enormous collection of stuff. If your loved one is a passionate vaper, that person probably has drawers full of e-liquid bottles, old devices, spare batteries, atomizer coils and more. A box with plenty of small storage compartments -- and perhaps a lock to keep children out -- is a great Black Friday vaping gift for someone with more vaping accessories than storage space.


Novelty Mod

Does the e-cigarette user in your life already appear to have all of the latest devices and tanks? He or she probably doesn’t have a vaping device made from a soda can, a breath mint tin or a real smoking pipe. Although a novelty vaping device such as an e-pipe may not drive the latest sub-ohm coils, it can add variety and fun to the vaping experience.


Vaping Maintenance Supplies

A high-end vaping device can conceivably last for years -- and many people buy high-end devices with the expectation that they’ll use them for a long time. During years of use, a vaping device can accumulate dust, oil, tarnish and e-liquid residue that hampers electrical conductivity, makes threads turn poorly and gives the device an overall dingy appearance. Some thread lubricant and a microfiber cloth can help to restore a device’s original appearance and function.

E-Liquid Additives

Everyone buys an e-liquid occasionally that isn’t a complete winner. Although a bit of steeping can sometimes minimize the less desirable flavors, there are other times in which even a little extra aging doesn’t produce a flavor profile that you enjoy. This Black Friday or Cyber Monday, buy your loved one some additives that can rescue lackluster e-liquids. Some popular additives include menthol crystals for coolness and ethyl maltol for sweetness.


New Drip Tips

Many e-cigarette users neglect to try different drip tips for their tanks and atomizers and instead use the tips that come with their vaping accessories. Changing your e-cigarette’s drip tip, though, is an easy way to change the vaping experience in subtle ways. A narrow drip tip focuses the vapor for greater flavor concentration, while a wider drip tip allows the vaper to exhale bigger clouds. You can also find drip tips made from exotic materials such as jade, hand-blown glass and rare woods. Buy your loved one a selection of new drip tips this Black Friday or Cyber Monday!


Vaping Travel Kit

Does the vaper in your life spend a lot of time traveling? Some basic accessories can make traveling with a vaping device easier. Some of the accessories that would work well in a vaping travel kit include:
  • A carrying case
  • Leak-proof e-liquid bottles
  • Silicone or plastic battery carriers
  • Power outlet adapters
  • Car battery chargers

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