VCT Launches Quantum Black at World Vapor Expo in Miami

VCT Launches Quantum Black at World Vapor Expo in Miami

September 04, 2017

Vaping continues to grow in popularity around the United States, and those of us at VCT are there to provide cool vaping products for people like you. Whether you're a beginner at vaping after quitting smoking, or one still searching for quality products, we have new flavors you'll truly enjoy.

From August 18-20, we attended the World Vapor Expo conference in Miami. While there, we launched some of our newest line of flavors that we want you to learn more about.

If you weren't lucky enough to attend the conference, we introduced our Quantum Black line of flavors to a positive response. Here's a more detailed look at these flavors, and the reactions we received for other flavors we provided at our booth.

What is the Quantum Black Line?

When we introduced Quantum Black e-liquid vaping products at the conference, we knew the response would be good. These products bring all-new flavors for the seasoned vape aficionado looking to try something different.

One thing about Quantum Black is that all their products have natural products, are gluten-free, and have no GMOs. For those of you wanting healthier vaping items, these give you exactly what you've always wanted.

With numerous flavors available, which ones should you consider first? You might want to know which ones became instantly popular at our booth back in August.

The Popularity of the Oozy Flavor

You'll love the new Quantum Black Oozy flavor, something that became a big hit with conference attendees. The only way to describe the Oozy flavor is earth's coconut core oozing strawberry pineapple.

As a natural flavor, it's one you have to try yourself to see how unique it is. It provides a 70/30 VG to PG ratio for the best possible effect. Being all-natural helps give you peace of mind you aren't consuming anything artificial.

This comes in three different sizes with a price that's definitely competitive in the vaping market. As with all our products, you can buy it online through us.

The Popularity of the Nuke Flavor

Another big hit at the conference was the Quantum Black Nuke flavor, basically described as a nuclear menthol missile. These flavor descriptions do a good job of giving you some idea of the flavor you'll experience.

Nevertheless, you have to try them yourself to fully understand why people love these.

Incidentally, we facetiously remind everyone who buys the Nuke flavor that this doesn't contain uranium, despite the nuclear references.

It's certainly not the only standout flavors you can buy in the Quantum Black product line. Take some time to look at other vaping flavors you won't find many other places.

Other Flavors to Consider

Quantum Black Earthquake is yet another popular choice you need to try. We call it a classic jawbreaker, and you'll see why when you try it. Those of you looking out for something with more punch should give it a try while still going natural.

We're receiving a lot of requests as well for Quantum Black Bombshell, providing a cotton candy flavor. As with most of these, it's available in 3 to 12 mg nicotine.

Take some time to try Quantum Black Element, described as a mild tobacco flavor. Thanks to its unique flavor, we wryly explain it's harvested light years away on Planet VCT.

The space themes continue with Quantum Black Fusion, giving you a strawberry milky way flavor that's out of this world.

Quantum Black Stardust gives you the same feeling through a Hawaiian punch flavor you won't forget.

Lastly, check out Quantum Black Tropix, giving you a tropical flavor all too rare to find.

Visit us at VCT to learn more about all of our Quantum Black line of flavors, including many of our other popular vaping brands to suit any type of taste.



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