About VCT

Established in 2016, VCT is an E-liquid manufacturer specializing in the Vape industry. The company is headquartered in Oak Creek, WI with a manufacturing facility in Dallas, Texas. The founder of VCT, Roy Atshan, started the company with a vision to provide a safer alternative to the traditional cigarette smoke. He studied the industry and monitored its development learning the ins and outs of the market trends. In February 2016, he decided it was time to take the market by storm.

VCT is not an ordinary E-liquid company. Our team is dedicated to improving the quality of the products used by day-to-day consumers. We take pride in who we are and what we offer to our valued customers. VCT provides everyone the chance to become a part of this vast growing industry whether it's through our products, crowdfunding for FDA PMTA Approval, or just simply sharing stories of the journey transitioning from smoking to a healthier vaping lifestyle. 

Our Vision

A smoke free world

Our Mission

To provide people with a consistent, well-rounded and enjoyable product that they can afford and rely on every single day.