Box Mods

You have a wide variety of options with an e-cigarette shop, and one of those options is a box mod. While traditional e-cigarettes bear some physical resemblance to traditional cigarettes, being elongated like a metallic pen with a mouthpiece, box mods are a bit different. The general concept of a box mod is that they’re a modified e-cigarette. They look a bit like an old cassette player or a folded up wallet with a mouthpiece attached—sometimes that unfolds from it.

They came into existence because early e-cigarette users decided that traditional e-cig batteries were worthless if you wanted to be a daily e-cigarette user. So, before manufacturers picked up on the idea, people were making box mods themselves out of battery packs and old flashlights, whatever they could. Now there are much easier to obtain manufacturer box mods that work twice as well as a homespun contraption.

Some benefits of mod boxes over traditional e-cigarettes are their versatility, their battery life, and their ability to handle much more powerful atomizers. The shape means that there’s room in them for more parts, or “modified” components. This means that mod boxes can give you carried levels of control over power, and over how much e-liquid you experience at a time. Them sometime shave a digital screen to help you read your usage and battery, and the fused style provides protection for the components, making it a relatively secure device if you drop it or leave it on a table.

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