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Why should you switch to e-cigarettes over traditional tobacco?

The list goes on, but primarily because it’s healthier for you, saves you money, and spares you the smell and ostracism of traditional tobacco smoke.

Traditional cigarettes contain a whole slew of harmful ingredients and chemicals, but choosing the right cigarette juice means a break from those toxins getting your body down. Tar is a traditional cigarette’s best friend, but e-cigs don’t contribute any tar to your lungs. Not only will you feel yourself breathing easier, but you might even experience a form of chemical detox in your body from the switch. Last, but certainly not least, those around you will feel the health benefits as well. E-cigarette vapors don’t emit second hand smoke that lingers and others breathe in. The vapor released looks like smoke, but only lasts a few seconds and leaves no scent trace behind.

Any day you save money is a good day, and if you choose to go with e-cigarette shops that means a whole lot of green left for you. How? It’s likely that you’ll smoke less of your e-cigarette because, unlike with a traditional cigarette, you can take as many puffs as you’d like at a time and save the rest for later. Because it doesn’t burn, that means you aren’t racing the clock to enjoy it like you are with a burning cigarette. The e-liquid stays where it is, ready for you whenever you want to use it.

Your clothes, home, and friends benefit when you buy vapor instead of traditional cigarettes. No lingering secondhand smoke means no funky smell clinging to your clothes or your couch at home, and it means your non-smoking friends will stop bugging you about it. Also, because e-cigs don’t actually burn, that means no more ash trays, and no more worrying about accidentally burning holes in the couch, your clothes, or the carpet.