Tanks and Coils

When you switch to e-smoke, there are a few components that are very different from traditional cigarettes. There are several new parts involved, two of which are the e-cig tanks and coils that help make the tiny machine work to give you a premium e-liquid experience.

An experience with e-cigarettes is influenced by the tank and coils of the one that you use. Tank sizes vary in size, growing smaller to larger from atomizers, to clearomizers, and ultimately to cartomizers. The larger a tank’s size, the more e-juice you can keep in the cartridge at a single time. A larger tank means you may not need to carry around your e-cigarette juice to refill it as often.

E-cigarettes come with a single coil or with a dual coil, and this coil is what heats the e-liquid into a vapor. A single coil works just as well as a dual coil, but with a dual coil does offer a thicker smoke vapor, stronger flavor strength, warmer vapor temperature, and thicker throat impact overall. If you don’t want so much of everything, you can go with a single coil e-cigarette for a more relaxed experience. Overall, dual coil e-cigarettes offer a more potent vaping experience.

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