There are many e-liquid manufacturers and brands on the market, but none like the ones offered by VCT. The distinctive manufacturing process of VCT products make them unique and enjoyable all day vapes.


Delightful flavors

VCT offers the most modern and comprehensive lines on the market. We have flavors that meet every vapor’s needs; fruity, minty, creamy and custardy. We also offer a menthol-tobacco or tobacco flavor for those who just want a simple yet similar alternative to the traditional cigarette taste. We do this all while staying up-to-do date with the latest trends and changes in the industry.

All of our flavors are high VG E-liquids spanning from 70/30 ratios to 80/20 ratios. This provides every consumer with the most bang for their buck because of the product’s ability to work side by side with the newest devices on the market. Our E-liquid also provides longevity to coil life while increasing vapor production. It does this all while improving the smoothness of the inhale/exhale sensation. We also use certified GCC 100% authentic chubby gorilla bottles. They are a match made in heaven for top tank lovers who are rocking tanks such as the new SMOK TFV8, TFV12, and the Big Baby Beast as well. 


Top notch manufacturing process

Manufacturing at VCT is a top priority. Our E-liquid is produced in an ISO5, clean room, 35,000 square foot lab facility located in Dallas, Texas. We use state of the art equipment to ensure the consistency and cleanliness of our products. VCT is constantly developing and expanding our manufacturing guidelines and protocol/procedure. Our products are FDA Registered and Submitted and we are working to raise $3-5M for FDA approval through our crowdfunding campaign. 

VCT seeks to provide our users with nothing less than the most consistent, clean, backed and guaranteed E-liquid in the market. We make a commitment to our consumers to do whatever it takes to ensure the best quality products that one just can’t get enough of!

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